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Nancy Rost: Bio

Nancy Rost has been called "the love child of Tom Lehrer and Tom Waits" ( Her distinctive songs combine a jazz-influenced piano style with lyrics that are quirky, witty and heartfelt, often all at once. This former toy-piano-playing street musician has garnered songwriting awards in multiple genres, including pop/rock, folk, jazz and comedy. Nancy is known internationally for her participation in songwriting marathons and her versatility as a collaborator. Nancy is also known for her adventurous performances: "The laughter in the crowd is contagious, as everyone's thoughts are mixed in a tart, though refreshing, concoction of high witticisms and ardent applause." - The Capital Times


As writer/performer:

Likely Stories, Likely Stories March 2009 - This is the debut album of chamber-folk trio Likely Stories (Nancy Rost, Tracy Jane Comer, Dave Schindele.)

Auto-Pseudo-Mondo July 2008 - Lyrics by Nancy Rost, Chords by Tim Wille and Paul Turrell; interpretations by 18 different artists internationally.

14 Songs in 28 Days, Vol. 4, FAWM.ORG February 2009 - Compilation of songs written for February Album Writing Month; featuring three "Auto-Pseudo-Mondo" bonus tracks with Nancy's lyrics.

14 Songs in 28 Days, Vol. 3, FAWM.ORG February 2008 - Compilation of songs written by various artists for February Album Writing Month; featuring Nancy's song "Golden Gate".

Made at Home, Vol. 2, Madison Songwriters Group December 2005 - Compilation featuring Nancy's song "Welcome to Boscobel".

As co-writer:

You're fine, how am I? Mike Skliar, March 2015 - Nancy is co-writer, pianist and backing vocalist on the song "Journey from the head to the heart". Available on Bandcamp. 

Summer of Ice, Mike Skliar, October 2014 - Nancy is co-writer on the song "Waking Up". Available on Bandcamp.

September, Helen Robertson, September 2014 - Nancy is co-writer and singer on the song "Lose My Place". Available on Bandcamp.

Singing about the obvious to the oblivious, Mike Skliar, April 2014 - Bandcamp album includes two songs Nancy co-wrote with Mike: "How Cold Was It?" and "We Are The Instrument". Nancy also contributes backing vocals on the latter.

Mantichorean, Stephen Wordsmith September 2013 - CD by Wellington, NZ songwriter Stephen Wordsmith, includes Stephen and Nancy's co-written song "Trying On An Alphabet", performed by Nancy.

Four Februarys, Phil Norman January 2011 - CD by Roanoke, Va. performing songwriter Phil Norman, includes Phil and Nancy's co-written song "Changed My Name".

The Hard Way, Eric Agner January 2010 - CD by Baltimore Americana artist Eric Agner, includes Eric and Nancy's co-written song "Where I Am".

Ship of State, Mike Skliar May 2009 CD by New York songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mike Skliar; features Mike and Nancy's song "Helen" and backing vocals by Nancy.

Binary for Babies, Errol Elumir & Friends December 2009 - CD of kids' songs by Toronto songwriter Errol Elumir; includes Errol and Nancy's co-written duet "Sing Together".

The Discovery, LJ Montgomery 2009 - CD by Annapolis composer; includes LJ and Nancy's co-write "Footnote".

As backing musician:

Artificial Flowers, Jim Barnard, June 2013 - Nancy on piano, supporting blues guitarist/singer-songwriter Jim Barnard.

Divide The Storm, Das Binky March 2012 - Nancy contributes piano, accordion and backing vocals on three tracks by this Madison artist.

Free Range Sofas, Stephen Lee Rich, 2012 - Nancy contributes piano on "Can't Go Home".

Fifty Miles Away, Michael Gutierrez-May June 2011 - CD by Boston folk artist Michael Gutierrez-May; features Nancy on piano.

Speedwritten, Helen Robertson June 2009 - Download album by English performing songwriter Helen Robertson; features Nancy on banjo, harmonica, and backing vocals on several songs.

Because We Can, Andina & Rich September 2005 - CD by Midwestern variety duo Andina & Rich features backing vocals by Nancy.