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Nancy Rost: Links

Madison Music Foundry

I teach piano, music theory and songwriting here. This "musician's workshop" offers education (lessons, classes, band workshops) as well as rehearsal space and recording facilities.

February Album Writing Month
Annual challenge to write 14 songs during the month of February. I've participated for the last three years and cannot recommend it enough.
Two Johns & A Nancy

Two Johns & A Nancy are John Crossman, John Argentiero and Nancy Rost, three songwriters from Madison, WI creating an eclectic mélange of acoustic folk-pop-rock-jazz Americana.  With a wide variety of intersecting musical styles, strange collections of instruments and unique presentations of original songs, Two Johns & A Nancy offer up soundscapes that combine the traditional and the experimental.

Madison Area Ukulele Initiative

A super-fun community ukulele group facilitating sing-along-strum-alongs and philanthropic performances. I play bass guitar with these guys.

Girls Rock Camp Madison

Girls Rock Camp Madison is an intense, one week day-camp for girls ages 8-18. Campers of all skill levels learn guitar, drums, keyboards, bass and vocals, form a band, write a song and perform at the end of week for friends, family, and hundreds of screaming fans. I'm proud to teach here as a keyboard instructor and band coach.

Likely Stories

Collaborative trio with Tracy Jane Comer, Dave Schindele. Active from 2007-2009. Includes video footage and a storybook of our self-titled album.

Extraordinary music by my friend and now frequent collaborator based in London.
Aaron Nathans

Great storytelling lyrics with Aaron's unique personality. A big influence on me in Madison, Aaron now lives and performs in Delaware, often with duo partner Michael G. Ronstadt.

Eric Agner

I always enjoy co-writing with Eric. He's also a bassist and graphic designer in Washington, D.C.

Dillfrog Muse

Great rhyming dictionary resource by the multi-talented Plat.

Burr Settles

Founder of February Album Writing Month, computer scientist, all-around interesting person.

Eric Distad
Check out Eric's new band Traitor Mouse.
Tracy Jane Comer
Songwriter, singer, guitarist, cellist, pianist I'm lucky enough to work with.
Stephen Lee Rich
Your friendly, neighborhood yodeling cowboy and host of the most welcoming open mic in town.
Nancy's MySpace page

A link for old time's sake.