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Nancy Rost: Music

Turkey Juice

(Tim Wille)
Copyright 2007, Words by Nancy Rost, Music by Tim Wille
I wrote these lyrics in a speed-writing challenge using directives from Jen Distad to write in the style of Dr. Seuss and incorporate the words "fusion reactor" and "turkey-flavored soda". Tim Wille then wrote this jazzy music in 7/8 time. An alternate version with music by Paul Turrell is also in jazzy 7/8, but completely different.
Dr. Seuss, he was the best
For rhymes and social consciousness
He had more tricks up his left sleeve
Than even that cat could believe

Jen Distad lives in Minnesota
She likes turkey flavored soda

The man had much more energy
Than fusion reactors A through Z
He loved the kids; he'd never bore
He wrote the Lorax metaphor

No matter what I think of Seuss
I will not drink that turkey juice