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Nancy Rost: News

Rondofeast - July 15, 2009

Wrote 51 songs in 24 hours with a couple of friends. Check out the results of our marathon at

New videos up - June 18, 2009

Fellow fawmer Matt Pierce has been kind enough to videotape a couple of my coffeehouse shows. I'm starting to post excerpts as they get edited. The latest is at

Please vote for my songs on - May 27, 2009

Two of my songs, "Artichokes and Emeralds" and "Welcome to Boscobel" are charting well in the Vocal Jazz and Alternative Country categories, respectively, of If the songs continue to do well, they will earn a permanent place on this internet radio station's rotation. If you'd like to help, then go to and sign up for an account, then put my name in the search engine to find and vote on my songs. Thanks in advance for your help!

Airplay - April 22, 2009

The Likely Stories CD just had its radio debut (to my knowledge) on LG73 in Vancouver, on the program "21st Century Schizoid". Watch this space for more radio and internet play, as we've begun receiving requests for the CD from stations in Australia, Germany, and around the U.S.

Madison retailers selling Likely Stories CD - April 8, 2009

Our CD is now available at the following Madison, Wisconsin retailers:

A Room of One's Own Bookstore
B-Side Records
The Exclusive Company

and more to come!

Likely Stories CD available on CD Baby - March 26, 2009

The Likely Stories CD is now available in physical and digital formats at Go to to order.

Likely Stories CD release! - March 17, 2009

The Likely Stories CD is coming out this week! It's now available for order at If you're in the Madison area, come join us for a CD release concert and celebration at Prairie Coffeehouse, at the intersection of Highways C and DM in Keyeser (near DeForest.)

Mad City Chickens - March 5, 2009

COMING SOON! Three years in the making! Mad City
Chickens on DVD with over 60
minutes of extras. RELEASE DATE MARCH 24TH 2009!

This is an informative and very entertaining multi-genre film about urban chickens and their people. Part fact, part fiction, all fascinating. I play the part of a Chaplinesque ragtime piano player. This is my cinematic debut!
For more details:

Auto-Pseudo-Mondo CD out now! - July 23, 2008

is now available on Compact Disc at this address:
"Auto-Pseudo-Mondo" was conceived by Nancy Rost, Tim Wille and Paul Turrell as a way to expore the core of songwriting. From earlier experiments, they had discovered that lyrics and chords alone do not make a song what it is. There is a third, vital ingredient, they found: the interpretation of these harmonies and words. This third ingredient is what brings a song to life, and this is very much in the hands of the individual artist.

To illustrate this, the three songwriters came up with a lyric and chord sequence to a song called "Auto-Pseudo-Mondo" and asked 18 talented songwriters to add their own third ingredient. The result is 18 songs - all with the same words and the same chords, but they couldn't be more different. From acoustic ballads to pop, from dark and athmospheric to up-beat and life-affirming, from very simple to highly produced and complex, the variety of the songs is immense. Hearing them all in sequence is a remarkable experience: as the words and chords become more and more familiar, while the new songs still surprise and entertain with new novelties. "Auto-Pseudo-Mondo" is an inspiring and fascinating listen for all songwriters, and an eye-opener to the untrained ear who thinks that a song is done once the words and chords have been written.

The contributors to "Auto-Pseudo-Mondo" are (in order of appearance):

Marie Tueje
Mike Skliar
Nancy Rost
Phil Norman
Tyvek Buddy
Tara Craig
Max Vanremmerden
Matt Westcott
Peter Kaarle
Mixtapes and Meltdowns
Tim Wille
Adam G
Sean Brown
Erin Maeflower
Paul Turrell
Charlie Cheney


"Auto-Pseudo-Mondo" is a non-profit project. The CD is priced at $9.95, which includes a revenue for the producer of the CD. This revenue goes towards covering incurred for cover art, including costs of rights for photos and CD mastering costs. The revenue is not expected to cover the actual costs of the project (after all, it is a labour of love), but if the CD goes on to sell more copies than expected, any and all profits from the project will be donated to RIME, Renovation in Music Education, helping young people succeed through innovative music-partnership programs. (

50 Songs in 90 Days - July 16, 2008

I'm participating in a songwriting marathon this summer, writing 50 songs in 90 days. So far I'm on track: I've written ten songs since the event began July 4. I've been demoing the songs as fast as I write them - a brand-new experience for me! The songs include piano instrumentals, experimental spoken-word readings of cowboy poetry, and a track feature scissors as the primary percussion instrument. I'm writing more singer-songwriter fare as well. I look forward to sharing the results of this challenge as I practice and refine my favorites of these songs. Stay tuned ....

In all likelihood ... - June 6, 2008

The Likely Stories CD will be out this summer. Last night we finished the final mixes and set the track order. We'll probably wait until we have the CDs in hand before setting up a CD release party - but I may have copies at gigs sooner than that. Meanwhile, come check out the band's first full show in awhile. We'll be co-billing with Amy Curl & Dan Kennedy at the Project Lodge, one of Madison's newest venues. As always, see the gigs page for details.

Exploring the Core of Songwriting - April 21, 2008

Last year, I took a challenge to write some song lyrics with some very specific time and content restraints. Danish songwriter Tim Wille then set the lyrics as a jazzy piece in 7/8 time. English songwriter Paul "Hoopshank" Turrell then did his own jazzy 7/8 piano-based setting of my lyrics, without listening to Tim Wille's version. The resulting pieces are called "Turkey Juice" and can be heard on the Music page of this website.

Tim and Paul were fascinated by the results of this challenge. They built the Wille-Hoopshank Song Challenge Generator to allow songwriters to take random songwriting challenges, alone or with others.

This year, we did a similar challenge on a larger scale. I wrote lyrics using a very narrow set of constraints, Paul and Tim gave people a set of chords to work with, and 23 different songs resulted from the challenge. Writers from all over the USA, UK and Europe participated, and a wide mix of genres is represented. We're working on a compilation CD.

You can hear a few of those songs on the Auto Pseudo Mondo MySpace page:

25 Songs in 29 Days - March 18, 2008

This was my third year participating in February Album Writing Month, and it was the best ever. I wrote 25 songs during the month - almost a song a day! - and I think a lot of them are ones I will be playing for a long time. I have been posting the songs on the Music page of this website, and I will be adding more, and upgrading demos, as the recordings are completed.

Many of these songs were co-written with musicians in Madison and all over the world via internet. Working with all these talented writers has been great fun and a great learning experience - I look forward to sharing with you what we've made.

The FAWM CDs are here! - December 16, 2007

I now have the February Album Writing Month compilation CDs in hand. They sound fantastic! The music is wonderfully diverse -- and just plain wonderful. I'll have CDs available for purchase at shows, or feel free to contact me to arrange an order.

New recordings - December 3, 2007

Likely Stories is working on a collaborative CD due out in 2008. I'm having a great experience getting to record my own songs with my bandmates' cello, guitar, backing vocals and drum parts -- and am loving my first foray into recording piano parts for others' songs. You can preview several of our songs at

Forthcoming FAWM CD - October 13, 2007

My song "Golden Gate" will be included on a compilation CD to represent the diversity and quality of this year's February Album Writing Month output. The official release date is February 2008, but I'll have copies in hand by early December 2007 for anyone who might want to buy one then. The compilation includes an amazing array of artists from many genres. The physical CD has a special Strangle Disco megamix bonus track. (See my links page for more info on Strangle Disco.) This year, there will also be an online version of the CD with seven excellent bonus tracks. I'll let you know when that's live!

Likely Stories - August 23, 2007

Check out Likely Stories, my new project with Tracy Jane Comer and Dave Schindele, at!

Typecast - July 18, 2007

I will be appearing in a feature-length documentary film about backyard chickens. My role? The piano player. More as this develops.

Radio show postponed - July 12, 2007

Just a quick note to let you know I won't be on Her Infinite Variety this Sunday, due to circumstances beyond our control. We will be rescheduling, so do check back here for details.

Midwest Song Contest - June 19, 2007

Two of my songs are among the winners in the 2007 Midwest Song Contest. "The Path", co-written with Seattle composer/performer Becca Palm, placed third in the pop/rock category. "Golden Gate" earned an honorable mention in the jazz category. I know some of the other winners so I know I'm in talented company and am all the more honored. Congratulations, friends.

WORT archives - May 27, 2007

Beth Kille and I appeared on WORT-FM on Friday morning to promote the FAWM showcase. We did a brief interview and played Beth's song "Red" with me on WORT's seldom-used studio piano. An archive will be up on the station's website for another month and a half. To hear it, go to, click the archive link in the upper right-hand corner, and select the Friday 8 O'Clock Buzz for May 25.

MAMAs voting - April 21, 2007

Although I had no hand in the February Album Writing Month compilation CD, "14 Songs in 28 Days", I'm asking people to vote for it in the Madison Area Music Awards. Voting deadline is April 30 - to vote, go to, and vote in the compilation category (and as many others as you want.) Voting costs $5, all of which goes directly into school music programs. FAWM, the challenge to write 14 songs in 28 days, has meant a lot to me as a songwriter. This CD documents some of the great musical creativity that comes out of this challenge and community. I'd love to see it recognized in this way. (I'll be at the MAMAs in case I need to pick up the statuette on producer Burr Settles' behalf, as he'll be out of the country awhile longer.)
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