Likely Stories

Debut CD by Likely Stories trio: Nancy Rost, Tracy Jane Comer and Dave Schindele. Buy this CD from Likely Stories
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Auto Pseudo Mondo

Lyrics by Nancy Rost, chords by Paul "Hoopshank" Turrell and Tim Wille, eighteen very different songs by artists worldwide. Buy this CD at

14 Songs in 28 Days, Volume 4

Includes three bonus "Auto Pseudo Mondo" tracks with Nancy's lyrics. Buy this CD from Rebels Trust

14 Songs in 28 Days, Volume 3

Compilation of songs written during February Album Writing Month 2007, including one by Nancy. Fascinating sonic and songwriting variety, and features a "Strangle Disco megamix" bonus track.

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Made at Home 2 - MSG

A wonderful compilation of songs by Madison, Wisconsin songwriters, including Nancy. Buy this CD at Slothtrop Music