My lesson studio policy 





Commitment to the individual: Each student has unique motivations, interests and learning styles. I will get to know what works best for you. We will create your lesson plan together and adapt it according to your needs. I will continually seek out teaching materials, repertoire (including personalized arrangements), performance opportunities, and other resources tailored to you.


Continuity is key to getting the most out of lessons. Continuity comes from…

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More testimonials 

"Nancy has been working with my daughter Katherine for the past 18 months. I love sitting outside the studio listening to them work together. Nancy has taken time to get to know my daughter, understand her interests and what makes her tick, and has tailored her approach accordingly in working with Kat.

Nancy combines both a formal and traditional approach with learning how to play by ear, so Kat can understand and appreciate both music theory and the natural, intuitive side of music. Kat has a great time…

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"Nancy is a patient and kind teacher who easily molds her lessons to the needs of her students." Beth Kille, Music Director, Girls Rock Camp Madison

"I started taking lessons from Nancy  when I was 71 years old.  I had not had any lessons since I was 8 years old.  I could read and play treble clef  notes but not bass clef. Nancy gave me the option of learning to read music or playing by ear.  I tried both and decided playing by  ear was best for me.  Nancy taught me some  basic chords and rhythms which…

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