Real Girls and Artificial Flowers

This week I've been teaching keyboards to 45 girls ages 8-15, and coaching a band of third- and fourth-graders to write a song together and record and perform it. Most of these kids are new to their instruments and to songwriting. It's been exciting and inspiring to see what they can accomplish in such a short time. This afternoon they take the stage. I can't wait to do it again!



Last night was Jim Barnard's "Artifical Flowers" EP release, and the final product sounds fantastic! Jim's signature bluesy fingerpicked guitar style and fun and philosophical songs, which sound great alone, really pop on this production. Featured artists include Dan Kennedy on lead and bass guitars, Michael Brenneis on drums, Amy Curl and John Crossman on vocals, and me on piano. It should be up on the usual online outlets soon, or you can contact Slothtrop Records or Jim himself for a copy.

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