From the recording American Gothic - live


Put your black dress on
And your black lipstick too
We'll go strolling down the avenue
Discussing morbid topics
Let's do something gothic

I love your ancient soul in its teenage incarnation
You go to my head like strong libation
You intoxi-
Cate me, darling, you're so gothic

Parenthetically, peripetetically
(as we walk)
We'll be contrarian
And sesquipedalian
And make the neighbors squawk

I'm your work of body art
You pierce me, love, like a spike through the heart
I find the pain cathartic
And oh, so very gothic

Classes get out at three
Come away with me
Down the hall
Your face is greenish-white
In the fluorescent light
Of Pleasant Valley Mall

I'll feed you cinnamon rolls, my thorny rose
We'll hit Glamour Shots and strike a pose
Looking misanthropic
Call it American Gothic